Barbie Extra Doll & Accessories Set with Mix & Match Pieces for 30+ GYJ69

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Barbie® Extra dolls rock bold fashions and bright colors, and they make big statements! This fashion set includes mix-and-match fashion pieces to create more than 30 different looks for any special occasion. Barbie® doll has her own unique style, with long, light-blue hair and a half-up hairstyle tied in a bow. Kids can spin the wheel of fashion featured in packaging to see all the styling pieces included -- one reversible dress, one furry cape, three skirts, one pair of sparkly pants, two tops, two pairs of shoes and eight additional accessories! Her pet kitten has tons of personality too, with a tiara, golden necklace and personal mirror. With 11 "joints", this posable, articulated doll is always ready to confidently strike a pose -- bringing EXTRA vibes wherever she goes! Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary. When it comes to fashion, this Barbie® Extra doll has a "more is more" attitude, featuring mix-and-match clothing and fashion accessories to create 30+ show-stopping looks for all those extra-special occasions. Spin the wheel of fashion on the box for inspiration! The doll clothes and accessories showcase Barbie® doll's confident style with glam pieces like a purple fluffy cape, heart-printed dress, tulle skirt, pink sparkly pants and a black shiny skirt! Some pieces can be used in multiple ways, like the reversable dress with 2 different heart-print patterns and the purple fluffy cape that works as a skirt or dress detail! Accessories include a pearl-detailed purse, white bow belt, silvery jewelry, sunglasses, kitten ears headband and more! Barbie® doll's hairstyle goes big with long, light-blue hair styled half half-up with a bow accent. The pet kitten figure is oh-so-EXTRA, too, with a tiara, golden "MEOW" necklace and its own personal mirror! Barbie® Extra dolls make a great gift for kids 3 to 10 years old, especially those who love to be extra themselves!
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