Return of goods


Pack the product in the original packaging and make sure it is fully supplied. The item will only be accepted if it is new, unused, without visual and technical damage.


Complete the Return Questionnaire and add to the product or send it to mail


In the event that the item is paid in cash, add a cash check (original) to the shipment, leave a copy of the check for yourself. If the purchase was made with a bank transfer, add a copy of the bill.


To avoid damaging the original packaging, pack the small size of the product into the transport box. Large-size products must be packaged in such a way that they are not damaged by the courier service during transport. Send the parcel to: Riga. A. Caka 146, LV-1012, the recipient of the consignment to AKP Baltic.


Please inform us about the shipment before sending it out to our mail

In which cases you can return an item

The buyer has the right to return the item within 14 days of receipt. The item must be returned to the same position as it was received from the seller in the original, undamaged packaging. The item must be new and unused. The packaging of the item may be open and the buyer of the item can try to the extent necessary to understand whether the item meets the expectations of the buyer, but not more than how it would be possible to try the item in retail shops. If you are not convinced that the item is in line with your expectations, you will be asked to check it for any manipulation that might reduce the value of the item: for example: install programs on your computer, insert your SIM card on your mobile phone and register it on your operator's network, pour wter into the air moistener. Goods you won't be able to return within 14 days: Hygiene merchandise with open packaging (toothbrushes, Epilators, razors etc.), software with open original packaging. In the event that the returned item is found to be defective or damaged, reserves the right not to pay the full amount for the returned item. When returning the item within 14 days, the shop in does not pay the transport costs for delivering the item to the office.