The delivery of the goods shall take place at the address specified by you as soon as possible. In Riga borders, 24.LV uses its courier service, within Latvia the goods are supplied by transport services company - Venipak.

Supply within Riga borders.

At Riga City borders, goods that are more expensive than EUR 500 are delivered free of charge, if the price of the item is up to EUR 500 inclusive, then the delivery costs EUR 3.99 (In case you do not want delivery, you can receive the goods in Riga A. On Chuck Street 146, and in that case, you don't have to pay for delivery).

The supply of goods takes place between 10 and 18:00. You can order items on holiday, but you'll get them on the business day.

The supply of large-scale goods (washing machines, refrigerators, etc.) takes place in Riga to the house, as well as the courier helps to bring the goods into your apartment - in this case you need at least one person to help. If you want the product to be brought into your apartment without your help, the call of 2 people costs EUR 25.

Supply in the territory of Latvia.

In the territory of Latvia, regardless of the delivery address, the goods are delivered within two working days of the order. For goods that pay up to EUR 500, you can make cash on receipt of the item. If you order an item with a price exceeding EUR 500, it is delivered only after payment. Please note that the delivery of goods is to house only (no apartment deliveries)

You will receive SMS messages on the day of delivery of the item.

Cost of delivery of goods in the territory of Latvia.

Item Weight Delivery Charge

Up to 5 kg EUR 4.99

From 5-20 kg EUR 7.99

From 20-50 kg EUR 10.99

From 50-100 kg EUR 19.99

Over 100 kg EUR 24.99