Sharp DR-I470(BK) PRO

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Digitālais interneta radio, bluetooth, DAB, DAB+ un FM uztvērēji, skaņa 2 x 7W, wi-fi

  • Internet Radio/DAB/DAB+/FM with RDS

  • Internet radio with over 10,000 stations worldwide

  • Full control for Internet/Smart Radio/DAB and FM by Sharp App

  • Bluetooth® V5.0 wireless music streaming

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

  • 60 station memory

  • Alarm function (buzzer or radio) with Sleep and Snooze

  • 2.4” TFT full colour display (with dimmer function)

  • Displays Time, Alarm & Weather

  • Telescopic antenna/aerial

  • Wooden speaker housing

  • Stainless steel front panel

2.0 channel

With 2 channel stereo your Sharp audio device creates a spatial sound experience. Many music fans love precisely these acoustics, as instruments sound so authentic.


Simple, fast, flexible: use Bluetooth to wirelessly connect your Sharp audio device to other devices such as your smartphone or tablet. Making your options even more versatile.

Equalizer (EQ) presets

The equalizer presets let you choose the sound that sounds best for you – and fits your music or entertainment style perfectly.

Remote control

On or off, loud or quiet – you can easily control these and your Sharp audio device's other features with the remote control. From the comfort of your sofa, for example.

Wooden speaker enclosures

Wood is a piece of nature – and as a material for your Sharp loudspeaker it has a clear advantage. Firstly, it provides a rich, warm sound without distortion. And secondly, wood makes a great deal of difference in terms of both quality and appearance.